Each season, Buccola Homes will be introducing a new household makeover contest! This summer, we’re looking for the best kitchen remodels. Your remodel entry does not need to be recent; we would love to see something you did to your kitchen four years ago, or five… or six! You could win one of three categories: Most dramatic reformation, Most significant structural change, Simplest alteration with largest impact.

Entry: Post your “before” and “after” pictures on our page, then, in a private message, provide us with your email, address and phone number. Or, email us at with the same information. We would like to hear from you before December 20. Your entry will be posted here after we receive it, and your contact information stays safe with us.

Winners will be awarded their choice of a $100 certificate to Home Depot, Lowes, or Crate & Barrel.

We will announce results in January. Be sure to contact us with any questions! Best of luck to our contestants!